Commercial Services

LPG cylinders for your business

In a business environment, having a reliable supply of LPG may mean the difference between a stressful business experience and one that runs smoothly. Whether you’re switching LPG providers or joining a new one, your company expects a solid and dependable service. We work hard to ensure our local businesses are satisfied with our delivery services throughout your quietest and busiest periods.

Forklift Gas Bottles

Forklift Gas Bottles

Getgas LPG provides the effectiveness, flexibility, and dependability you’re forklift requires.

Agriculture and Horticulture

Agriculture and Horticulture

In agriculture, Getgas LPG can be used to heat poultry, cattle, greenhouses, and other facilities.


Dairy Hot Water

In the kitchen, gas reigns supreme. Chefs appreciate it because it heats up quickly and allows for precise temperature control.

Once you’ve switched or joined Getgas LPG, we’ll manage an improved process to guarantee that your LPG supply is not disrupted. We will visit and inspect your site to ensure all Worksafe guidelines and being met and safety measures have been taken so you can rest easy knowing your LPG bottles and gas supply is secure and your employees and customers are safe.

Commercial LPG Gas for

NZ Business

  • Free site inspection and consultation you can count on.
  • Training on safe handling and storage of LPG.
  • Bulk and custom options available to get you the best deal possible.

LPG Services and Delivery

  • Setup your account for an on-call or a routine check-up basis.
  • Get-gas that is fast, reliable and affordable.
  • Getgas offers free safety checks and training on a regular basis.
  • Flexible order options, placed online or over the phone. Our local call centre is only a phone call away.
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