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If you have any questions not answered below, give us a call on 0800 LPG 4YOU or Email us


  • If I phone GETGAS on 346 0003 can I get a gas bottle delivered straight away any time?

    We will endeavour to get a bottle delivered to you by one of our drivers as fast as possible within the next hour (unless at times really busy).

    • Our drivers will do the best they can to look after our customers.
    • Our delivery hours are 9am – 9pm 7 days a week for your convenience!
  • How does Swappa Bottle work? Do I own the gas bottle I receive form GETGAS?

    Yes, when you use our delivery service you will own the GETGAS bottle you receive or swap.

  • Do I need a need a gas bottle to swap?

    No, our drivers can deliver a 9kg gas bottle without a trade in (swap). The price of the actual bottle bought at GETGAS is only $45.00.

  • Why is GETGAS Swappa Bottle delivery so cheap compared to other Swappa Bottle retailers?

    GETGAS Swappa Bottle has contracted a supplier with the biggest LPG storage facility in the Rotorua area and accesses LPG at a very competitive price, which we pass on to our customers.

  • How do I pay GETGAS for the gas bottle they deliver to me?

    Our delivery drivers accept Cash, Eftpos, Visa / MasterCard at your door when you receive your gas bottle.

  • Do you accept all 9kg gas bottles at GETGAS to swap for a full bottle?

    Yes, we accept all 9kg gas bottles including out of date bottles, with just a few exceptions being: gas bottles with excessive rust, dent, gouges or other damages, or without a collar / handle, footring and normal valve.

  • How safe are GETGAS Swappa Bottles??

    All our bottles are tested, safety checked, leak tested and filled by our qualified technicians to our stringent specifications for safety and quality.